Contract Manufacturing

Specialised in manufacturing MDI inhalers, Pharmaceuticals aerosols and BOV’s medical devices

At Medicair, we offer bespoke solutions, tailor-made to cover the particular needs of each client. Our manufacturing facilities can take on large-scale and small-scale projects with efficiency and consistency. In our modern facilities, we are able to manufacture products in solid, semi-solid, and liquid form, OTCs and food supplements. We have strict measures in place, guaranteeing that every single product coming out of our premises is of high quality and follows all regulations and registration policies.

With our production capacity at 8 million canisters, we consider our competitive advantage to be our specialisation in manufacturing the following products:

– MDI inhalers

– Pharmaceutical aerosols for external use

– BOV’s medical devices

We are continuously growing and upgrading and we are open to collaborating. Please contact us to discuss any prospective opportunities. Our expert team is always ready to listen to your needs and requirements and can guide you through our process.