About Medicair

Medicair is a rapidly growing company, manufacturing and distributing generic medicines in a broad range of categories. It produces and distributes branded generic and medical devices in the pharmaceutical forms of solids, semi-solids, liquids and sprays for nasal, inhalation and derma use, as well as food supplements and cosmetics. The company specialises in providing manufacturing solutions for MDI inhalers, nasal sprays, pharmaceutical and medical device sprays, being one of only a selected few companies in Europe to offer this type of services and have this in-depth know-how.

MDI Inhalers & Nasal Sprays

Specialised in the manufacturing of MDI inhalers, nasal sprays, pharmaceutical and medical device sprays.


Generic pharmaceutical products covering several therapeutic sections

Medical Devices

Medical devices are smartly designed and crafted with care to maximize their effectivity and usefulness.

Food Supplements

Quality is paramount for us and this is why we exclusively use the finest herbs and premium ingredients


Our cosmetics line combines our innovative spirit with our vision to offer affordable, effective solutions.

Product Categories

Medicair produces and distributes Branded Generics and Medical Devices in the pharmaceutical forms of Solids, Semi solids, Liquids and sprays for Nasal, Inhalation and Derma use. Our specialization is in providing manufacturing solutions for the following products: MDI inhalers, nasal sprays, pharmaceutical and medical device sprays.

International Operations

Following the construction of our own manufacturing facilities in 2012, we began focusing on the distribution of our products in the Global market. At the moment, Medicair distributes its products to more than 20 countries globally. At the same time, several of our products are under registration in more than 10 countries.

Partnering Services

At Medicair, we offer bespoke solutions, tailor-made to cover the particular needs of each client. Our manufacturing facilities can take on large-scale and small-scale projects with efficiency and consistency. In a modern facility of 2,500m2, we are able to manufacture products in solid, semi-solid, and liquid form, OTCs and food supplements.


MDI Inhalers & Sprays


Generic Pharmaceuticals


Pipeline Products


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