International Operations

Pharmaceutical producer, specialising in manufacturing MDI Inhalers and sprays

Medicair aims to become a global leading provider of innovative and high quality products. In order to realise this goal, it relies heavily on the expansion of its overseas operations, by building trusted partnerships with pharmaceutical partners and vendors and by penetrating new markets with first-rate products that correspond to the specific needs of the targeted consumers.

Currently, we are active in more than 40 countries around the globe, the same time several products are under registration in multiple countries.

Local Operations

Manufactured in Greece which is the starting point of our operations

The manufacturing premises, as well as our distribution centre and marketing and promotion services are based in Greece, where we’ve built a strong market presence for over 25 years, with our own products. At the moment we are one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors in Greece. Because of the local market knowledge and experience we gained the last 25 years, we were chosen by multinational companies for the marketing and promotion of their products in Greece. Our experienced network of professionals visit doctors’ offices and pharmacies, all across Greece, on a daily basis and they ensure that our products are available in all Greek pharmacies.