DELOUSIL Flash Lifting

With Reverskin, Liftonin-Xpress & Tens up
For all skin types

DELOUSIL Flash Lifting Serum provides instant tightening and “lifting” feeling. The innovative active ingredients Rever- skin, Liftonin-Xpress and Tens up contained have firming action and protect the skin from the signs of aging. Delousil Flash Lifting is a serum that helps maintain the firmness of the skin. Its systematic use can provide impressive results in reducing the signs of aging of the face and neck. Available in a pack of 12 ampules of 2ml each.

Benefits DELOUSIL Flash Lifting

  • Reduce skin sagging
  • Lifting Feeling
  • Wrinkle burnish
  • Contour redefining
  • Glow and shine

Dermatologically tested

  • All skin types
  • Daily use

Holding the ampoule upright, carefully break it at its thin point with a tissue and apply the plastic pipette on the top. Turning the plastic pipette down, press it lightly and drop a few drops on your fingertips or apply it directly to a clean face and neck. With soft movements from the bottom up, apply the content in the morning and/or in the evening before your moisturizing cream, avoiding the area around the eyes. After each application, close the pipette with its plastic cap.

Keep out of reach of children