DELOUSIL Snail Serum

For all skin types

DELOUSIL Snail Serum is a concentrated serum for skin reformation and rejuvenation, with salivary secretion. The secretion is a natural source of collagen, elastin, proteins, vitamins and peptides. All these valuable ingredients combined with other polysaccharides and rich extracts contained in the serum. Delousil Snail Serum contributes to the faster rejuvenation and increases skin density, giving velvety texture. Available in a pack of 12 ampules of 2ml each.

Benefits DELOUSIL Snail Serum

  • Significant hydration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Re-shape face oval
  • Strengthening firmness
  • Reduce fine lines

Dermatologically tested

  • All skin types
  • Daily use

Holding the ampoule upright, carefully break it at its thin point with a tissue and apply the plastic pipette on the top. Turning the plastic pipette down, press it lightly and drop a few drops on your fingertips or apply it directly to a clean face and neck. With soft movements from the bottom up, apply the content in the morning and/or in the evening before your moisturizing cream, avoiding the area around the eyes. After each application, close the pipette with its plastic cap.

Keep out of reach of children